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  • Name: WFL36 Industrial Refrigerant Recovery Machine For ISO Tank
  • Commodity Numbers: WFL36
  • Views : 1020

WFL36Industrial Refrigerant Recovery Machine Series are specially designed for transfering


or recoverying large amount refrigerant gas from ISO tank or the other size's big tank with


high recovery rate,it's suitable for refrigerant factory and you will be amazed by it's function


and performance.




1.Applied powerful oil less compressor-maintenance free 


2.Vapor and liquid recovery with fast recovery rate


3.Automatically shut-offf when the pressure gague reads below 0 PSI


4.Water cooled or air cooled is optional


5.May be customized for different refrigerant




Model R22 Type horsepower Model R410A Type horsepower Recovery time for ISO tank
WFL36/37.5 37.5Kw WFL36/45 45Kw 2hours
WFL36/20 20Kw WFL36/25 25Kw 4hours
WFL36/15 15Kw WFL36/18.5 18.5Kw 6hours
WFL36/11 11Kw WFL36/15 15Kw 8hours


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