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  • Name: CM86 series Refrigerant charging Machine For Refrigerator Production Line
  • Commodity Numbers: CM86
  • Views : 749

CM86 refrigerant recovery charging filling machine series is specially designed for the


fast speed  refrigerant charging at refrigerator production line.It features for its high


speed of charging, high accuracy. multiple function etc.The machines are compatible


with refrigerants of CFC,HFC, HC,etc. The machine can also be customized according


to your special requirements.



1.Adopt CNC technology allow the data processing capability with accurate and easy operation


2.Charing/filling liquid gas r134a, r22, r407c, r410a etc.(for r600a, r290,r32 can be customized)


4.Siemens PLC and colorful touch screen control system.


5.Adopt high accuracy flow sensors make this machine can get accurate data, and the


  resolution has reached to 1~0.1g.


6.The Wonfulay(our own brand) Pneumatic booster to ensure stable pressure and the supply


   large charging quantity.


7.The continuous charging/filling quantity up to 99999g, and the charging rate is 60g~260g.


8.There's a automatic prompts function when the cylinder is lack of refrigerant


9.Applied Wonfulay Charing gun at the charging connector which make it has higher accuracy.


10.The vacuum time and inspection leak time can be adjusted according to your requirements.


11.This machine has vacuum, leak detection , charging/filling, recovery refrigerant function


12.Repeat filling accuracy is ≤ ± 0.5%.





Model Charging Speed Resolution Precision Vacuum Degree Gun Connector Vacuum Pump Power Supply
CM8600 60~80g/s 0.1g ±0.5% 5Pa~10Pa 1/4&3/8 4L/s 380V/50Hz
CM8600A 80~120g/s 1g ±0.5% 5Pa~10Pa 1/4&3/8 8L/s 380V/50Hz
CM8600B 120~160g/s 1g ±0.5% 5Pa~10Pa 1/4&3/8 8L/s 380V/50Hz
CM8600C 160~200g/s 1g ±0.5% 5Pa~10Pa 1/4&3/8 8L/s 380V/50Hz
CM8600D 200~260g/s 1g ±0.5% 5Pa~10Pa 1/4&3/8 8L/s 380V/50Hz


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