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  • Name: CMEP6000 Explosion Proof Refrigerant Recovery Machine
  • Commodity Numbers: CMEP6000
  • Views : 1200

CMEP6000 Whole Body Antiexplosive Machine Series is special designed large scale fast
refrigerant recovery/recharge machine for places where explosion protection is needed.The
performance of the machines are at the leading level at home and abroad.The machine
are for special sites like freezer, A/C equipment production plant.




1.Oil-free lubricating compressor – compatible with R600A,R290,R1234YF
2.Control valve design in inlet so that the recovery machine can efficiently and steadily work for
   a long time
3. Inlet has filter screen which can clear system impurity conveniently                  
4.Thorough recovery refrigerant and automatic stop when the suction  pressure  is up to
5.special designed for small&medium central A/C
6.Meet ARI-700 standards
7.May make according to the requirements of customers



Model Oil less compressor Vapor recovery rate Liquid recovery rate Push and pull recovery rate Voltage
CMEP6000 2HP ≤150Kg/h ≤810Kg/h ≤1900Kg/h

380V 50HZ

240V 60Hz





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